Monday, September 24, 2012

The Thin Blue Line

A picture of David Harris (around 16)
Randall Adams (around 28)


  1. The main theme of Thin Blue Line was explained clearly. I believed the theme to be how our courts can sometimes be unjust just to get a murder conviction. It seemed, the way Madeline told the review, that Randall Adams was wrongly convicted for something that David Harris did, but since Randall Adams was old enough to be tried for the death penalty they convicted him, even though all the evidence pointed toward 16 year old David Harris.

    The general pacing of the broadcast was good. There was only one part of the broadcast where I was confused. Madeline repeated about a minute of her review around the 4 and 5 minute mark. At first I was confused, but then I went back and rewatched it and saw that the segment was restarted, not that she repeated herself.

    The only thing I would say is that Madeline should have watched it over again and she would have seen that little mistake, but overall it was easy to follow. Her volume was satisfactory when I was watching it. I was able to hear it easily, but it didn’t blow my speakers out.
    Madeline seemed prepared giving her review because she informed and knew what she was talking about it. You could tell she watched the movie closely and that she paid attention through it.

    Madeline seemed informed about her documentary and what happened during it. It seemed that she also did some research outside of just watching the documentary with some of the information she gave. Most of the time Madeline seemed confident during her podcast, there were just a few times where she fumbled and her voice was strong throughout.

    One important fact that Madeline provided was how Randall Adams was released from prison a year after the documentary was produced. I thought this was important in showing how the documentary had an impact on many people’s thoughts about how Randall was innocent. This shows that the director did a good job in sending his message about the innocence of Randall and getting people to talk about it again. Another important fact that was provided was the background history of David Harris. The attitude of David makes more sense when she brought up the topic of his past. His dad felt responsible for David’s older brother’s death because he was supposed to be watching them when they were little. His brother drowned and his dad saw David as a reminder of what happened. Because of this, David’s father ignored him which caused David to try to do things for attention. I believe David is still seeking this attention with everything he did.
    The film sounded very interesting and definitely something I would watch if I had the chance. I believe it should how the judicial system can sometimes be flawed when trying to get revenge. The strengths of the film seemed to be most of it. It was well told and displayed evidence of what happened that night the police officer was killed. The weaknesses of the film seemed to be that it was sometimes hard to follow all the people that were talking.

    I thought the podcast was overall well done and that the information given was all relevant and useful in the discussion of the film. I liked how she posted the pictures of David Harris and Randall Adams underneath the video. I really enjoyed watching the video and learning about the Thin Blue Line.

  2. Madeline did a very good job of explaining her documentary, The Thin Blue Line, and making it clear what the main points of it were and its theme. The film is about a police officer who was murdered. Two men, twenty eight year old Randall Adams and sixteen year old David Harris, were involved in the murder. Adams was the one who was convicted however. Madeline said that the main theme of the film was miscarriage of justice, and from how she explained it, I agree. Harris was not old enough to receive the death penalty and this was a largely contributing factor as to why Adams was the one who was convicted. Madeline had very good sound quality in her video and her pacing was also very good. Her voice was not monotone and she spoke very clearly, which makes it a more enjoyable video. She seemed extremely well informed about her film and was clearly prepared. It was obvious that she watched the movie very closely. I also thought she did a good job of not staring down at her notes too much and making frequent eye contact with the camera. She appeared confident and very rarely tripped over her words. I thought it was interesting that the documentary actually helped Randall Adams to achieve justice and get out of prison for a crime he did not commit. I also thought it was interesting and disturbing that the court would willingly convict Adams basically on the basis that the crime was punishable by death and he was of age. The film was biased toward Randall Adams, as the director thought that he was innocent and that was basically the whole point of the film. The director pointed out that Harris had a criminal record prior to the murder and Adams did not. Madeline also talked about how Harris was more obviously the killer due to the fact that he showed absolutely no regret and seemed to take pleasure in that he was essentially getting away with murder. There were two witnesses to the crime but neither was very reliable. She used the facts from the movies to show how the legal system in our country can oftentimes be flawed. Madeline did a very good job of laying out the strengths and weaknesses of the film in a concise way. One weakness of the film seemed to be that it was a bit difficult to follow, with regard to the timeline and who was speaking. The film sounded interesting to me and I would indeed like to watch it. It exposes the occasional unfairness of our legal system, which is something that I don’t usually think about so I’d like to learn more about that. The only real problem with Madeline’s video was when a part of it was accidentally repeated, but once I realized what was happening it didn’t really affect my opinion of the video as a whole. Overall, Madeline’s video was very well done, interesting to watch, and informative.