Monday, September 24, 2012

Jesus Camp


  1. I believe that Gretchen explained the main theme of Jesus Camp very clearly. I was able to follow what the documentary was about, even though I have never seen it. I understood the main theme to be how adults are trying to evangelize children at a young age to move the country back to being “under God”. These kids are being forced to learn about Jesus during this camp and couldn’t do anything that wasn’t about God.

    The general pacing of the broadcasting was very God. There were only a few points where the pacing was off but overall very good. The volume was perfect. It wasn’t too quiet, but it wasn’t so loud that it blew out my speakers or sounded distorted. Gretchen seemed very prepared when I listened to the broadcast. She sounded like she knew what she was talking about and seemed like she did extra research on the movie to back up her statements. She also had some quotes that she took from the movie to explain points that she gave.

    The broadcaster seemed very informed about her topic. Like I stated earlier she seemed like she did research about the movie to see what others had to say about it. She also seemed like she paid close attention to the documentary while she watched it and probably took notes. Gretchen also seemed confident when I listened to her podcast. Because she did all this extra research she knew that she could rely on what she was saying was the truth. Her voice was calm but strong.

    An important fact that Gretchen provided was how some of these evangelical Christians are hypocritical. I think this is very important to show because I believe it is true. I think we see this in everyday life. So many people try to force their faith on others, but don’t do what they are telling others to do. I am not saying that all evangelical Christians are this way, but there are enough that it gets noticed by others outside the faith. An important argument that Gretchen provided was how this camp would not let the children read or watch Harry Potter. I think this is ridicules because it is just a fiction book that people read for enjoyment. I have heard about these more orthodox religions not allowing their followers to read or watch anything about magic. This seems crazy too me but then again they may think that people will think it’s true, which I guess is against their teachings.

    The film sounded very interesting and definitely something that I would watch if I get the chance. It seemed to show something that goes on, but we don’t hear about often. Many things came across as its strengths, such as the way it followed the children and how they were treated by these adults. Also Gretchen mentioned how there was not much bias in the film so she could come to her own conclusion about the film. She said that she didn’t see many weaknesses of the film. The only thing she would critique is showing what happened to these kids later in life.

    I thought the podcast was very well done and informative. She gave a lot of good information and I can say that it seems like I watched the film with the amount of detail she gave. I think it also helped that she really enjoyed her movie and it came across with the enthusiasm in the podcast. The only thing that I would critique is I would have enjoyed seeing different pictures throughout the podcast instead of that one the entire podcast.

  2. The main theme of the film was very well described which helped me understand more fully before she started talking about specific details of the film. The main theme of the film was that a woman was trying to make children believe that the world should move from the values we hold to more Christian centered values. Becky Fisher believes that once you pass into adulthood you are no longer able to choose your belief system and that they must be indoctrinated in Christian values during their youth.
    I think that Gretchen’s pacing was great it really helped me that she went a little slower especially in the parts where she was summarizing the movie so that I could clearly understand what it was all about. The volume could have been a little bit louder but I was still able to hear her well with my volume on high. She seemed very well prepared and knew all of her information very well. It was well organized and there were no points that seemed out of the ordinary or random.
    I think that Gretchen was very well informed and seemed like she knew a lot of her information. I was really surprised how much these people wanted the country to focus on Christianity and how they decided to neglect the fact that America was founded based on religious freedom. I think that all of the information that she gave really supported her belief that these religious leaders were extreme in their beliefs and practices.
    I was surprised that one of the girls refused to dance simply because it was considered sinful. I feel sorry for some of these kids and can’t believe that they aren’t able to do things that kids all over that nation are doing. Also when one of the little boys had trouble with the Bible and did not believe some of its teachings the religious leaders did not try to make him feel better and support him but rather they allowed him to feel guilty and wallow in self pity.
    I would definitely want to watch this movie after watching the review especially being Catholic. I believe that many people in this school would be shocked at how religious extremists such as Becky Fisher and many of the parents that scolded their children for telling ghost stories at camp. I felt bad for the children and agree that they were not able to have a normal childhood. These kids were forced to become adults because they were forced to become adults to quickly and were never given the opportunity to break away from their parents and form their own opinions. I think that film would have been more interesting if their were two directors that supported differing ideas, such as one who supported the religious camps and one who did not so that their audience could see both sides of the story.
    I thought that information presented in this review was very shocking especially because I did not know that these types of camps were even around in the US. I feel bad that these children have so much pressure put on them to change the nation just because their leaders tell them that they are the most important generation that can change the values. Also, I feel bad that these kids are forced to stay in these camps and out of the real world. I agree with Gretchen on the basis that these kids are essentially being brainwashed and indoctrinated in a negative way. These children are not given the ability to form their own ideas and opinions and are not allowed to question values of past generations. I also think that it would be interesting to follow these kids in to their teenage years to see how their adolescent behavior and emotions would affect their beliefs.