Monday, September 24, 2012

Bowling for Columbine- Jacquelyn Phillips


  1. Jacquelyn did a great job of explaining the film and the reason why the director chose to make the movie. The film was based on the shooting of many high school students by two boys who came to school with handguns and bullets that were bought at their local K-Mart. The film discusses the large amount of gun violence in America.
    I think that the broadcaster was very well prepared. She gave a lot of great background information on why the documentary was made. The volume was very satisfactory it could have been a little louder but I was still able to hear her clearly. She seemed to know a lot of her information and was interesting in her topic and had expression in her voice especially when she was shocked by parts of the movie which seemed genuine.
    Jacquelyn seemed very confident in the information that she was sharing in the video. I thought she was well informed and I thought she did a great job of showing the side of the director who was extremely biased on the issue of gun controlled. It was important, also, to include the information on other countries with more guns but lower homicide rates. The information was interesting and was shocking at times.
    I was surprised that people decided to blame singer Marilyn Manson because the two boys frequently listened to his music. I was glad that the director took the steps to show that in other foreign countries were Manson’s music is played there are lower homicides especially in Germany where there are more listeners of Marilyn Manson. It was shocking for me to learn that in Canada where there are more guns do to an increase in hunting that there are a significantly less amount of gun related deaths than in the U.S.
    I think that this film would be very interesting to watch especially because it showed the aftermath o the shooting. I was very surprised that many of the people were trying to blame people who were not a part of the community for the shooting. I found it interesting that the director decided that since the boys took a bowling class that it could have been a contributing factor to why the boys shot 20 students and teachers as a way of mocking the people who came up with ridiculous reasons why the accident occurred. I agree after watching the review that the director of the film seemed very biased and really only showed a one sided opinion rather than opening it up to multiple ideas. I was surprised that the director would “bend the truth” in order to solidify his opinion which is a major weakness of the film.
    I was surprised that many people considered the production of weapons of mass destruction near Columbine was a factor that caused the shooting. I agree that violence supported by the U.S. could be grounds for why there is an increase in homicide due to gun violence. The most shocking thing to me was that the U.S. essentially trained Osama bin Laden to kill Soviet soldiers and in return he used his training to kill thousands of innocent people on September 11th, 2001.

  2. I believe that Jacqueline did a great job on her documentary podcast. It was structured very well in a way that made it very easy to follow as she went through the explanation and various points made in the film. She opened up with the theme of the film which was gun control in the United States which set the stage for the explanation of the film. The volume was good and her voice was very clear and crisp. I think she did a great job considering the difficulty most had with the quality of their laptop webcams. Her pacing was great. It gave me time to take notes as I followed along. I think she was very well prepared when she expressed her opinion she gave good information to back it up. For example, when she was talking about both conservative and libertarian view on gun control. It tied the issue into what we were learning and showed contrasts between how their views are defined in the book and how they are defined in society. Also, she gave good background on the director which gave the viewer insight into how the director’s views might be portrayed through the film. She seemed confident, her voice seemed more urgent when she was expressing her opinion which made it more believable. The film was about the shooting at Columbine High School where two male students game to school with guns and killed many of their fellow classmates and a teacher. The two students got the bullets for the handguns at K-Mart, which poses the question of why do we have such a large amount gun violence in America. It was very interesting hearing all of the possible reasons why these boys could have possibly been motivated to go into school and shoot their teachers and classmates. My personal favorite was they were provoked to do this violent act because they were both on the bowling team (cue Seth Meyers, Really?!?). I however, did not know that weapons of mass destruction were being produced near Columbine, which could possibly a factor in the violence being portrayed. I also thought an interesting fact Jacqueline provided was on the day of the Columbine shooting President Clinton ordered more bombings on Kosovo than on any other day. It makes you think of what impression our government is giving our citizens. I thought it was effective when she was going through the events that were discussed in the montage that went through nearly a half century talking about questionable choices by the United States exhibiting blatant violence. I thought the ironic use of “what a wonderful world” was fitting during the montage. It depicts that US government has a pattern of “using violence as a solution” in foreign affairs. I am not the biggest Michael Moore fan, because, as Jacqueline described, he is a little bit too forward with his views. So I probably would have otherwise have avoided the film. However after Jacqueline’s description and analysis I am intrigued and would like to see the film. I enjoyed hearing about the issue because it is very relevant right now since the Colorado movie theatre shooting has brought light to the issue in our country with gun violence. I also think by watching the film it might help me become better versed on the subject. However, I would have liked to know the conclusion the director came to on why violence was such an issue in America.